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A democratically elected Executive Committee runs the day to day administration of the society. We don't operate autonomously, but rather serve the needs of all members - and also aim to provide support for all APL Students regardless of membership status.

Positions are flexible - do you and your friend really want to plan a Winter and a Summer Ball to die for? Go for it! Are you wanting to develop Graphics, handle our Social Media channels, and update our Website with events, info, and so on? That's great! You can either apply individually to multiple positions, or just explain to us why you're interested in a more flexible position - in what way do you see yourself contributing to the student community?

This past year was a year of change and transition for the society, during which we're aiming to update and improve the governance documents and Constitution, and consolidate the activities and initiatives that we've created over the past five years, and have since matured, such as our successful lecture series (now SMALL TALK), our well known social event calendar, and our student support mechanisms.

Fill out the application form below, or if you're having problems with it, email us at with your name, year of study, course and what position you're interested in.

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Thank you for applying! Any question us, just email or DM us 🧡


2022/22 Committee

The following positions are open for applications:

President- runs the committee, overlooks all activities and helps organise and run events.

Secretary- Supports President with organisation of committee and running events.

Treasurer- Organises finances for the committee.

Social Secretaries (multiple positions)- Plans and runs socials ranging from nights out to painting nights.

Sports Secretaries (multiple positions)- Co-ordinates intermural sporting teams and recreational sports activities.

Welfare Officers (multiple positions)- Support student's wellbeing by offering advice and relaxing activities.

Formals Officers (multiple positions)- organises the Winter and Summer Ball.

Event Co-ordinators/Lectures and Talks (multiple positions for Lectures and Talks/ Competitions/ Fold Magazine)

Publicity Officers (multiple positions for Graphics/ Social Media/ Website)

All positions open for applications open until April 29th.

02 May, 18:00
Forum 1,
Architecture Building, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU, UK