The Committee

A democratically elected Executive Committee runs the day to day administration of the society. We don't operate autonomously, but rather s​erve the needs of all members - and also aim to provide support for all APL Students regardless of membership status.

This elected Committee is being continuously improved, with new positions being added. This year, with our increased focus on student welfare, has seen the election of two Welfare Officers, while due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, we've decided to temporarily freeze the position of KofiBar Representative.

The year 2020/21 is a year of change and transition for the society, during which we're aiming to update and improve the governance documents and Constitution, and consolidate the activities and initiatives that we've created over the past five years, and have since matured, such as our successful lecture series (now SMALL TALK), our well known social event calendar, and our student support mechanisms.


Future Committee

Meet the Team

The 2020/21 Committee consisted of 12 APL students, ranging from Stage 2 to Stage 5 students. We'll be updating soon with our brand new committee!

We are:


Salma Abelghany

Laptop Mockup.png
Laptop Mockup.png
Laptop Mockup.png


Julian Djopo


Jack Callaghan

Publicity Officer (+ M.Arch Rep)

José Figueira

Formals Officers

Eleanor Mettham

Hannah Fordon

Welfare Officers

Samuel Stokes

Tabitha Edwards

Click on us to find who's who.

And what we aim to do.

General Email:

Sports Secretary

Jenna Goodfellow

Got a question?

Our committee members will be happy to answer any questions you may have, even excluding society matters.

Ask us via social media or come find us on campus post-Covid.


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Planned around May 1st, the Annual General Meeting is an opportunity to elect new representatives/committee members, listen to their plans for the year, and as well to approve any changes to the way the society functions.​

We heavily advertise this weeks before, and invite all APL students from all years and courses to run for positions - with NUAS members being able to democratically vote on who they think should run the society.

If you'd like to show interest in being part of next year's committee before then, you're welcome to submit an initial expression of interest below at any time of the year!


Past Committees

NUAS has been active for over 40 years, representing generations of students at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape.

We're currently attempting to build up our archive of previous committees and their work - were you or someone you know from your year part of the committee? Make sure to tell us - email us at