In order to vote, be part of the Committee, take advantage of free or discounted entry to our events, and to support the work done for your welfare, Degree Show, sports teams and campaigning, you'll have to become a member of the society. 

All Newcastle University students can become members of the Architecture Society, regardless of their course - with our work focusing on the interests of the students at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, where we function as a the official Departmental Society.

To become a member, you can do so through the link below - check out our year-based tiers below!

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Becoming a Member

Membership to NUAS is tiered - this is part because, when you first start off at Newcastle, NUAS' events, nights out, talks and formals are a much larger part of your non-academic life, with our Freshers' events, post-review parties and trips abroad being a hallmark of your first year.

As we're nearly completely self-funded, as you move along your course, and come into the fold of being part of the Committee yourself if you're keen on contributing to student life, NUAS' financial investment into each member becomes less and less - while the voluntary work done by the committee increases.

Click on your tier below to purchase your membership on the Student's Union website - and check out our sponsorship tab if you're not a student but would still like to contribute or enjoy NUAS benefits:

Year 1 and below


Stage 1 BA Architecture

Stage 1 BA AUP

Foundation (Into)

Int. Year 1 in Architecture


Year 2


Stage 2 BA Architecture

Stage 2 BA AUP


Year 3 and above


Stage 3 BA Architecture

Stage 3 BA AUP









If you're a local firm, an events space, an institution, a member of staff, or just an alumni who would be keen on partnering, sponsoring or donate to our activities, give us a shout!


Membership Benefits 2020/21 (2021/22 Coming Soon)

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Student members enjoy:

  • Free or priority access to all physical Lectures and Talks programmes, including drinks/snacks.

  • Free or heavily discounted entry to all our socials (throughout the year) - from parties to movie sessions.

  • Discount on both Winter and Summer Balls (typically corresponding to your membership price)

  • Intramural sports teams

  • A voice on how the society that affects you, regardless of membership, is run.



NUAS Members also enjoy, with their membership card, discounts all around the Toon - see our gallery for details of the places where you can have all these great discounts!

A change in culture:

With Covid, we’ve gone less for what was the hallmark of NUAS membership benefits (like a free drink at Soho, or cheaper entrance at MSA), and instead have bet on new eating and drinking establishments that will be useful to you, both in campus and in the key student areas.

This matches the recent push by the Student's Union to reduce the dependency of societies, and especially departmental ones like our own, on bars and clubs.

If you have any comments on this change, please contact us at, or contact the Student's Union at - and email us as well with any suggestions for new places!

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How to Join

To join, you must first login with your student details at the Student's Union website on the right, or by clicking the button below:

Just add the membership to your cart (and look for other non-departmental groups and societies that may interest you along the way!), check out, and you'll be a member for the entire year.

We're in the process of attempting to introduce multi-year memberships, in order to reduce costs for our student members - we'll keep you updated.

Want to also be part of the Society's committee? Check out the button below: