President's Address

Hey there!

My name is Salma Abdelghany, and I am the President of NUAS for this upcoming year. I would like to welcome you and congratulate you on getting accepted to Newcastle University. This year’s committee is here to make sure that you enjoy your time while studying and pursuing your degree.

We have been working throughout the summer to ensure you get the best university experience, planning multiple events that will help you de-stress and unwind when things get tense. With recent events, we’ve focused on your welfare, socially and academically, following proper precautions for our safety this year.

I’m very excited to be handing you this booklet filled with plenty of information about the Society’s activities, socials, and goals. It also includes tips and advice to help you get through your year while studying here.

I look forward to getting to know you, but until then feel free to ask us your questions by contacting me or anyone else in our committee. Once again, congratulations and I hope you find this year as exciting as I did!

Stay safe,

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